Content Ideas for Influencers During Quarantine

These are rare times that we’re living in but we’re making the best of it. As a social media agency, planning is in our DNA, but sometimes life gets in the way of that – and that’s ok. Like our good friend Ross Geller once said, now is a great time to pivot.

Ross Geller pivot

We put together some ideas for influencer content while being quarantined, based on the lifestyle changes affecting all audiences.


  • General self care tips
  • At home makeup/no-makeup-makeup look
  • At home manicure
  • Re-organizing makeup drawer
  • At home hairstyles
  • Morning/nighttime routine


  • DIY decoration projects
  • Home office design & tips
  • Organization hacks
  • Creating an environment for kids to learn
  • Candles to boost productivity and relaxation


  • At-home workouts
  • HIIT challenge
  • No equipment workout
  • Meal planning tips
  • Music to listen to while working out
  • Motivational tips/quotes


  • Social distancing tips for families
  • How to keep spirits high during quarantine
  • At-home activities for family
  • Games to entertain family at home
  • Managing stress during lockdown
  • Childcare tips during quarantine
  • Educational videos for children


  • Travel bucket list
  • Travel documentaries/virtual tours
  • How to support your local community
  • How to help other communities from a far


  • Baking tips & new recipes
  • Quick and easy recipes
  • Meal prepping for families
  • At home date night recipes
  • Cooking with less ingredients
  • New recipes
  • Healthy alternatives


  • Wardrobe spring cleaning
  • Work from home outfits
  • How to dress for a video call

We hope this helps keep your creative juices flowing. We’ll get through this together!

Let us know how your audience is responding to your COVID-19 content changes! Email us or comment below!

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