Instagram ‘Stay Home’ Feature Can Help Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak

Did you notice the ‘stay home’ icon in your Instagram app that seems to have appeared overnight?

In times like these people are spending time at home, mostly looking at their phones. Whether they’re working, chatting with friends, passing the time, or posting pictures – they’re most likely going to stumble upon a social network and start to scroll. The most popular social network today is Instagram, and they are currently using their influence to benefit everyone all over the world and businesses during this COVID-19 outbreak with the ‘stay home’ feature.

Before continuing, we think it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the power of social connectivity these days, and how amazing it is while we’re all practicing social distancing we can use technology to feel closer than ever. To say we’re thankful for social media is an understatement.

Now that we’ve had our moment of gratitude, let’s dive back into Instagram’s efforts to add safety features during the COVID-19 global crisis, and how businesses should be utlizing them to reach their audience.

Instagram released the ‘stay home’ sticker a couple of days ago, and since then, both and businesses have been adding this to their stories to extend their reach. Instagram accounts utilizing the Instagram ‘stay home’ feature stories are highlighted at the top of a users profile as long as they are already following that account. We love this feature because it is encouraging social distancing and supporting ways in which we can support small businesses. This helps everyone feel included, part of something, and inclined to do the same.

Here’s a step-by-step example of how it works:

This is a great opportunity for businesses to get their messages out there via social media, especially during a time when social media is one of the only options to communicate. The ‘stay home’ sticker appears on top of all the friends’ post on the story bar. Simply tap on the Instagram ‘stay home’ story, and you will see all of the ‘stay home’ stories in one place. What’s also important to note is that this story stays at the very beginning of all of the stories, always in the user’s feed.

If businesses tag their stories with this, they ensure that the community that follows them will see their message. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: businesses get the word out there, people share with their community, and everyone – you guessed it – stays home.

Thanks, Instagram!

Have you used the ‘stay home’ sticker? If so, share with us what you used it for and how it helped in the comments below!

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