INDULGE Magazine

Who They Are

Owned by The Miami Herald, INDULGE Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine, winning State awards in 2017 for Best Photography and Best Social Media. Published bi-monthly and distributing over 500,000 copies annually, each issue has a theme centered on arts, culture, food, fashion, home, or travel.

We Our Clients

I actually didn’t always dream of having the agency I have today! When I was in high school I dreamed of moving to NYC and writing for a major lifestyle magazine. Plans changed and here I am today. I love how INDULGE highlights the best of Miami and features the brands and entrepreneurs that make Miami such a special place. I look back at my dreams back then and in a way, this partnership has brought things full circle and into fruition.

Account Managers

Katrina Vargas Vila is the Founder and Creative Director of Socially Intuit
Katrina Vargas Vila

Founder & Creative Director

Cristina Zeinali

Account Manager

What We Did

INDULGE hired us to help them achieve two goals:

  1. Increase social referrals to their website
  2. Create opportunities to monetize social media ad packages
In addition to our curated content calendar, our strategy includes timely posts with trending content, clever calls to action that encourage engagement, and exclusive promos with visits to the INDULGE website. We interact daily with followers, host giveaways to achieve viral growth, and post live Instagram stories to improve rank within social media algorithms. We provide a monthly analytics snapshot and prepare a comprehensive quarterly presentation to track progress and make changes to our strategy.
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