Lucia Pizzeria

Who They Are

Lucia Pizzeria is Graziano’s first sister restaurant and 10th restaurant under their brand. With a simple menu of Neapolitan cuisine, wood-fired pizzas, and pasta, this family-style restaurant was created to honor the owner’s grandmother and her amazing recipes.

We Our Clients

It’s the best pizza in Miami. What more can we say?

Account Manager

Katrina Vargas Vila is the Founder and Creative Director of Socially Intuit
Katrina Vargas Vila

Founder & Creative Director

What We Did

We created accounts for all social media networks and review sites, and have initiated a direct mail campaign to all neighbors and businesses within a 2 mile radius to promote the grand opening of the pizzeria. We’ve leveraged our relationships with local food bloggers and influencers to invite them to dine at the restaurant and share their experience with their followers.

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