Torre Companies

Who They Are

Torre Companies is a leader in residential, commercial, and mixed-use real estate development projects. In addition to preserving and restoring art and architecture, the company’s founder is a local philanthropist dedicating much of his time to community events and charitable causes.

We Our Clients

A great location, buzzing downtown atmosphere, and really great restaurants weren’t the only reason why Socially Intuit’s HQ is based in Coral Gables. We love the character and charm found in the architecture throughout and Torre Companies is a major player in restoring and developing it’s true beauty.

Account Manager

Katrina Vargas Vila is the Founder and Creative Director of Socially Intuit
Katrina Vargas Vila

Founder & Creative Director

What We Did

Torre Companies recently hired us to develop and maintain a blog that illustrates the company’s mission, past/current projects, historic preservation work, and philanthropy. Social media content is sourced through published blog content. Profiles on Pinterest and Houzz are updated to include photos of completed work as they regularly produce leads on new business.

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