How a Segmented Email List Will Yield Successful Results

Emails. Everyone gets them – yet many are deleted without even being opened by the recipient. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to send customized messages to your customers without having to adhere to a restricted character count or to a couple inches on a screen. With email marketing, you need to catch your audience’s attention quickly so they remain interested enough to open, read, and click through your email. The best way to do this is with a segmented email list!

What is email segmentation?

Let’s think about it for a moment. We only open emails that interest us, serve us, or are relevant to something we want, need, or like. We will most likely ignore and delete emails that don’t interest us.

The key to ensuring your email marketing campaign is successful is to start with an email list analysis. Once analyzed, use database segmentation techniques to categorize your subscribers into groups that fit the profile of your ideal customer. Lucky for you, we’re sharing ways you can classify your subscribers for both B2C and B2B email list segmentation!

Email Segmentation Basics


This is an easy one. Are there certain countries, states, or cities that you do business in? Ensure you’re sending emails to people who can actually purchase your product or use your service in their current location with a location-focused email segment. It’s also important to know where your audience resides so your emails are appearing in their inbox at an ideal time! 🕑


Are people in your email list interested in specific products or services? Maybe they’ve viewed specific products or services on your website or attended events related to something your business offers. Ensure you consider this when segmenting your email list to improve your conversion rate when sending offers via email! 🥂

Past Purchases

Do you have information customers that have purchased from you before? This is a great way to keep your business top-of-mind with a customer who already likes the products or services you offer. If you’ll have similar products or services in the future send alerts and reminders when they are on promotion to this segment! 🛍️


While age definitely doesn’t define skills or ability, it’s important when thinking of email marketing toward a targeted audience. Industries like health, beauty, wellness, and restaurants need to make sure their emails are age-appropriate and relevant to the audience receiving it. 😜

Job Title

This is similar to the age category. Segmenting your email list by job title considers purchase habits and affordability of the products or services you offer. You won’t want to send a college student offers for expensive cars, but you should send them invitations to browse entry level models instead. 😉

Abandoned Cart Users

If eCommerce is a component of your website, make sure to include this behavior as part of segmented email list. These people loved your product or service enough to *almost* purchase it. Try sending a reminder or an exclusive discount their way in an email to nudge them toward the finish line! 💸

Ready, set… go! Your next email will be better than ever! Let us know in the comments if you have used any of these tips for email segmentation successfully! Contact us to assist with your email campaigns!

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