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It’s needless to say that social media has changed the way the world operates. To-date, Facebook has over 2 BILLION users and counting, with about 6 new profiles being created every SECOND! Instagram ranks second with over 800 million users and is considered the platform that receives the most engagement. Social media for real estate is booming with brokers utilizing the networks to sell more houses.

Social media for real estate

While so many industries remain hesitant with this new reality, we like to say the real estate industry has gotten a tech renovation. We’re sure you can attest to this with friends posting about their home for sale, or someone looking for a tenant. If you’re wondering how to grow your real estate business, social media is the answer.

However, the real estate industry is not exempt from the uses of different platforms. Social media marketing for realtors will have a unique strategy depending on whether you are selling residential, commercial, or industrial properties. Each social network attracts users for different reasons and it’s important to utilize them properly.

Real Estate Social Media Tips

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The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” applies to this social network. With its primary focus being curated photos that focus on the lifestyle aesthetic, displaying photos of your listings that catch a user’s attention is of the utmost importance. It’s important to get creative with content in order to catch the attention of users and utilize relevant hashtags in order to put your content in front of those interested in it. Don’t forget to geotag!


We’re not exaggerating when we say everyone is on Facebook. In the US alone, more residents use Facebook than not and it’s predicted to remain the most dominant social network for years to come, but their constant algorithm updates make it difficult to get eyes on your content without putting some kind of an ad budget behind it. By creating visual Facebook posts that display listings in their best light, it increases the chances that users will view (and share) important information about your listing.


With over 300 million users on this network, it’s useful to share links to listings, website, and blog posts. Tweets with images tend to outperform those without, and if you manage to get a specific real estate listing trending, you can get many eyes on a particular listing. Having a presence on Twitter is useful in building a list of prospective people that you want to communicate updates with. Whether it’s tweeting about an available unit in a high profile building or communicating building updates for the new industrial park you’re building, it’s a great communication platform. It’s important to note that most people prefer to receive important updates via email.

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It’s true that this social network is used to establish connections with colleagues and prospective employers, however, industrial spaces can perform very well on LinkedIn. Connect with the right people and it’s possible to land a sale to a prospective business owner. It’s important to note that the lack of focus on images makes it difficult to highlight the property.

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High profile listings with beautiful interior design and unique architecture can do very well on this platform. Even more so than Instagram, this social network is completely driven by images. The median age of Pinterest users is 40 and 81% female so family homes can perform very well on the platform. Pins can work well in drawing attention to the work of architects and interior designers.

Let us know, are you utilizing social media in your real estate business? If so, what struggles and victories do you run into? Remember, Socially Intuit is here to help you with all your real estate marketing needs.


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